Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten-Minute Shoe Drier

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't written anything yet this year, I hit the ground running with school and haven't really had much time for any side projects, although the number of directories in the "Projects" folder on my computer is steadily growing.

Have wet shoes, two spare computer fans and an old shuttle PC? Make a shoe drier!

 Extremely crude and low-tech, but does the job!

The picture really says it all. The Shuttle PC is serving as nothing more that a power supply for two, 12V 120mm case fans. The fans happen to fit nice and tight in my shoes, and are oriented so that the air is drawn in through the fabric of the shoe and blown out the top.

Not fancy, but it works like a hot (dry?) damn, and setup took less than fifteen minutes.


Brad Hall - Thanks for the Fans!
Okanagan College - Thanks for the old Shuttle PC!

That's all for now. The projects from December as well as a few new ones will hopefully see a bit of attention over weekends, I'll keep you all posted.

Happy Travels,