Monday, September 13, 2010


A quick photo of the BreadBox development setup. In the top right is my "jail broken" Kitchen Aide bread maker, in front of it is my tablet PC hooked up to the breadboard (no pun intended) on the left hand side with a USB-Serial converter. On the board I have a PIC16F627A microcontroller that will be running the bread maker through a few transistors (at the moment I'm controlling the motor and heater through a pair of TIP31c's, however the final version will likely use a MOSFET of some variety). The too-short serial cable is tying the USB-Serial adapter to the PIC via a small board I etched containing an ADM202J (same as a MAX232) in an SO16 package. The first step will be reverse-engineering the recipes that are already loaded into the bread maker and storing them in text files. Stay tuned...

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