Thursday, October 14, 2010

Proffessional Selling?

Every now and then you see something you just can't pass up; and this was such an example. While waiting for Math class today I noticed this poster tacked up on a bulletin board outside the classroom:

Now I don't know the first thing about marketing, however I do know the following:

- Professionals use spell-check
- Marketing involves getting a message across clearly
- Professionals also use grammar and punctuation

Whenever I happen to catch a gem like this one I can usually contain myself, however this time I just had to go too far. Here is a transcription of my text-message conversation with the "Proffessional" trying to sell their book:

Me: "Hello - Are you still selling the book?"

Them: "Proffessional selling?"

Me: "Oh - You're actually selling a book called "Professional Selling". Sorry, your poster was ambiguous..."

Them: "What book do you need?"

Me: "Oh I'm in electrical engineering; I just thought your poster was funny, especially because you spelled "Professional" wrong and didn't use any punctuation. Sorry..."

Them: "Lol okay. Thanks for dis'ing me anyways.? Maybe you should become an English teacher?"

Me: "Professionals use spell-check. Especially professionals that sell things..."

Them: "Jesus. Thanks for the heads up"

Me: "Oh no problem - Your poster made my day!"

Them: "Surprised you had the time of day to text me just to say that!"

Me: "Some things are worth making time for. Anyway - best of luck selling your book..."

Alright - I know I'm a bad person and a complete asshole, but sometime you just have to be!

We don't use typewriters anymore! Both my browser and my cell phone have spell-check; there is no excuse for misspelling things in this day and age. Since whoever created this poster probably didn't use a printing press to duplicate it, the lack of punctuation is absurd! You don't have to pay per character - go ahead a use a period or colon: I dare you!

Alright. I'm done now. That's my rant about spelling and punctuation. Not only does it make you look like an idiot, it's just downright "Unproffessional"...


  1. He's a professional selling a book.
    It's a book called "Professional Selling."
    It's a professionally-made book about selling.

  2. It's a haiku! Now I feel like an idiot!